Vital statistics
Position Lombardi crew Caporegime.
Age 43
Date of Birth 30th of May, 1970
Birthplace Bandon
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 183 CM's
Weight 203 LBS

Growing UpEdit

Alfred Lombardi came to life the 30th of May, 1970. He was born in the outskirts out Bandon, a small village in the southwest of America.

Alfreds childhood was rather harsh and he took a beating more often than the other kids in his neighbourhood. He learned to respect the ones respecting him as well as respecting the ones having control.

After living in Brandon the first six years of his life, Alfred and his family moved to North Beach, San Fierro, San Andreas. 

In San Fierro, Alfred was introduced to school and worked his on his ratings. He eventually grew to become really smart, but this was soon thrown away as Alfred attended College.

Introduced to CrimeEdit

Alfred was introduced to illegal activity by his two best friends, Robert and Henry Rolletti. They started doing small errands for an local Irish-Italian drug dealer and earned an quite large sum of money for their work.

After being affiliated with crime for about three months, Alfred, Robert and Henry was introduced to the next level of crime - Weaponry and Hits. Alfred, Robert and Henry carried out an large amount of hits and weapon deliviries within the next two months of them being introduced to weaponry and hits. They nearly broke the record and were quickly recommended to the local Made man, which then recommended them to his Caporegime - Dereck Diozzo. 

Altrought, they were unaware of this and they kept on carrying out their hits and weapon deliviries. At this time, they had one of the best realationships you could dream of. They never fought and they always had an good nights' sleep knowing what they will wake up to - Familiar faces and laughter.

Dereck Dinozzo watched the three friends work, and soon accepted them into his crew, supplying all three of them with new weaponry and vehicles.

The Zombie OutbreakEdit

(More to come!)