William O'Riley
William playing guitar, seeming to enjoy himself.
Vital statistics
Position USMC Reconnaissance Man (Pvt)
Age 33 (02/26/1980)
Date of Birth Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Status Unmarried, single
Physical attributes
Height 195 centimeters
Weight Roughly 90KGs

Early Days

     Not much is known about William in the past, except that he managed to keep himself quiet with his hobby playing guitar and worrying about the future. He has voluntarily put himself through turmoil for all of his life, and even now expects nothing of it.

     He attended school in Palomino Creek, went on through long enough to get his diploma, and then went on without attending college. Right after having graduated from high school, Bill was eager to sign up for the Army as his elder brother had done before him, hoping that he would get into the same battalion to help him out in whatever ways he could.

US Army Rangers

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